"Genius" Garlic Cutter Set, pink

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The Genius garlic slicer ensures that garlic tastes really good: it does not press the garlic clove - it slices it into cubes.

The handy tailor makes seasoning with garlic as easy as salting or peppering. The valuable ingredients of garlic are retained. Whether cooking or at the table, the tailor dispenses piquant small cubes (2-4 mm cube shape) in just a few steps by turning. All parts are easy to clean. 

The 4-piece set contains:

  • 1 garlic slicer with aroma lid
  • 1 additional knife for larger cubes (e.g. for cutting ginger, pepperoni, small cucumbers, carrots, shallots)
  • 1 garlic peeler
  • 1 practical dip & serving plate


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