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Here you can order many different garlic specialities. Seasonally, we also offer fresh & smoked rosé garlic. 

Now we wish you much fun & joy while discovering our products.

Our homemade Garlic bread!

CHF 5.00 *

In stock

... uniquely spicy

Garlic paste in the style of the house

starting at CHF 9.50 *
CHF 15.50 *

In stock

CHF 12.00 *

In stock

starting at CHF 9.50 *

Fruity and spicy!

starting at CHF 19.00 *

... even more exotic, thanks to curry

Garlic pickled in vinegar in Indian-Chinese style

starting at CHF 17.00 *

... a hit for garlic lovers

Garlic sausage in conical shape, ULTRA SPICY!

CHF 19.00 *

As ingenious as the name says

starting at CHF 39.50 *

... the all-rounder

Spice mix for garlic breads and more

starting at CHF 9.50 *

... the French classic

Garlic pickled in vinegar in Provencal style

starting at CHF 17.00 *
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